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Completion Documents

Once the works are complete, you will receive the Derry Design and Build Completion Pack. This contains relevant building certificate and sign-offs.

It is important to keep your completion pack safe, the relevant paperwork may be required in circumstances such as selling your home or re-mortgaging your property.

The construction will be subject to sign off from the appointed local building control officer in interval stages of the build. This is to certify that the build complies with the current building regulations and in most cases for loft conversion carried out without planning that it conforms to permitted development.

Furthermore, you may be required to provide details of materials installed and company warranties related to thermal insulation, waterproofing and fireproofing. Certificates for Gas & Electric works carried out by our registered installers. The Derry Complete Pack will include technical datasheets for the materials installed and relevant sign-off certificates.

It is important to retain these documents, in the event you wish at a later stage to sell your property, you will require the documents to prove that the construction conforms to the Building Regulations. The problems of not keeping the appropriate documents can adversely affect you in several ways:

  1. Any additional rooms created by the construction may not be considered when valued by Surveyors and thus leading to a lower sale price. This may limit the potential buyers for the property as potential mortgage companies will limit the amount of borrowing relative to the surveyor’s value. This would mean the buyers will need to place a higher than the normal deposit.
  2. Purchases may request that an indemnity is purchased in the event the construction is not in compliance with building regulations.
  3. A lack of documentation and due process may lead to issues arising during the conveyancing stage and in the ability to track such works via the local planning authority and in turn, may mean the build was done unlawfully.
  4. Your mortgage provider may wish to view these documents when you intend to renew or remortgage to ensure the new addition complies with building regulations. Failure to provide these may lead to a lower value or less favourable terms.

Here at Derry Build, we ensure the appropriate documents are included as part of your completion pack. Where opted in we will retain a secure electronic copy should you wish to access this at a later stage.

Derry Standard you can be sure that you are looking at a job well done.


Dalewood – Hornchurch

Leighton Road – Enfield

Second Avenue, Enfield- Build Time: 24 weeks